Grandma’s Budget Accommodation

Grandma’s Place welcomes kids, their parents and pets, solo travellers, teams and groups. Grandma trusts groups and teams with the use of the whole or part of her hotel. Grandma’s Place offers a touch of the past warm friendly and full of character. Not modern but nice, where the plumbing works. The friendly atmosphere is enhanced by the use of the communal lounges and kitchens.

Grandma Offers
  • Single, double, twin and share bedrooms
  • Radios
  • Bedside lamps
  • Fully made beds (except in the share rooms)
  • Friendly pets to keep you company

Single occupancy is available for double and twin rooms.


Tariff With Effect From October 1st 2007 Valid Until May 31st 2008

Become a loyal Member of the BBH association By Buying a BBH Card for $40.00 

and Save

Non-Members Members
Single $45.00 per person Single $42.00 per person
Double $30.00 per person Double $27.00 per person
Twin $30.00 per person Twin $27.00 per person
Share bedrooms $25.00 per person Share bedrooms $22.00 per person
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