Buy XRP – Cryptocurrency of the Year 2018

XRP is the cryptocurrency used for all transactions in Ripple, a payment network.  Being one among the topmost cryptocurrencies worldwide, XRP is popular in the trading sessions in exchanges around the world. Which implies that an investment in XRP today could yield significant results. This article explains how to buy xrp.

How to buy XRP

XRP can be bought

  • Through US Dollars via Debit/Credit Card 

Very few exchanges provide an option to buy XRP using bank credit/debit cards. As a result, this is a real problem for investors who would prefer to buy XRP with bank credit/debit cards. But there is a solution for even this problem. Changelly, a cryptocurrency exchange serves as the mediator between users and the trading exchanges. It caters to various digital assets thus enabling the seamless exchange of various currencies.

  • By initiating an exchange with cryptocurrencies e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Follow the steps given below. It will guide you in buying XPR.

Step 1. Register with an exchange for a Trading Account

Cryptocurrencies are listed on various exchanges. XRP also would be in those listings. Find the exchange where XRP is being offered. At the desired exchange, register for an account by providing the requested information namely email address and creating a password. Some exchanges might seek additional information. In such cases, you will have to supply the details like name, contact details etc.

Now you are ready to start trading.  But as an increased level of security check, to enable the setting of 2-factor authentication on your account.

Step 2. Deposit funds in your Trading Account

Many exchanges may not permit the exchange of a few specific currency types for XRP. In such a scenario, use your currency to procure cryptocurrencies that have been listed as being paired with XRP, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then exchange the new currency thus procured, for XRP.

Step 3. Proceed to Buy XRP

Now you are ready to trade. You can find the link “Buy/Sell” on the dashboard within your account. On clicking the link, you will be prompted to enter the amount of required XRPs. Review the entire transaction details including the amount of XRPs you intend to buy and the total cost involved.


XRP, branded as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies recently, it makes good trading sense to invest in them. Hope the above article provides you with the necessary information to proceed. Hurry buy xrp now.

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