Angels of salvation or tempting demons, young and beautiful, mothers, wives, lovers, but above all and above all women: here are female characters that told women at the cinema and inspired the real ones. As you go to 123movies you will be able to witness these movies.

Lady Vendetta

As in history and in everyday life, perhaps even more, female characters at the cinema immediately refused to remain in the shadow of the male team. Although among the executives of the studios and among the filmmakers there are no examples of stereotyped management or overt lack of female characters, the cinema since its beginnings has been rich in female figures.

Women have embodied roles that have struck the collective imagination for their sensuality and beauty, for intelligence or stupidity, perfidy and goodness, launching careers or ruining life for the performers forever. The faces of real women lent cinema have entered strongly into the collective imagination of males and females, inspiring generations and influencing culture, sometimes changing the world.

From sexual liberation to difficult questions about motherhood and family, from historical figures to illustrious strangers, we retrace the history of cinema with these 25 iconic female roles. Continue reading

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Pirated sites are creating huge mess in the film industry. The films and the entire cast and crew involved in it are getting affected due to pirated sites. The new releases are streaming on the pirated sites within days or even say hours. There are movies and songs which are streaming on these sites even before their release.  These pirated websites are creating huge loss to the film industry and users as well. 123movies is one of the illegal sites which is not safe and secure.

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