In this modern world, no one have enough time for relaxation as everyone hurrying up for the work to make money and lead their life happily. As the importance of money made people to not thinking anything out of it so all of them keep focusing on doing work to earn. By running behind money people were working hard without providing any time for relaxation due to that they are getting tired both mentally and physically. In such a case they need to take a break from their work and need to go for a vacation for relaxation.

Planning for a vacation should be made usefully have to choose the place wisely that suits for everyone. The place should be like best for self relaxation, also it should be comfortable for a family trip or apt for having fun with friends. Mainly the place chosen for vacation must be suitable with any kind of budget. There is a beautiful city which can match up with all the vacation needs is Stockholm.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden which is a place enriched with natural beauty as it contains 14 islands and it has more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic sea archipelago. Stockholm is not ended with the islands and bridges as there are many museums, buildings, museums and national parks are there to visit. There are Ferries and sightseeing boats shuttle passengers between the islands so that the tourists can make use of it for traveling around the islands.

How to plan the trip in Stockholm?

Before starting the travel on Stockholm just search about the sightseeing places of it which may help to plan the places to visit within your vacation time ends. Else you can make use of the travel advisors as they help in scheduling the trip around Stockholm including the accommodation. Even if you are having a budget issue then make a walking tour around and the best guides for walking tours is free tour Stockholm who offer best walking tours freely and the guides will explain about each and every place clearly. They don’t charge any money for walking tours and if the tourists wish they can give the tip to the guide which is not a compulsion. Likewise choose a best travel guide based upon your budget and holidays and spend your quality time of vacation in Stockholm.

Grandma’s Place welcomes kids, their parents and pets, solo travellers, teams and groups. Grandma trusts groups and teams with the use of the whole or part of her hotel. Grandma’s Place offers a touch of the past warm friendly and full of character. Not modern but nice, where the plumbing works. The friendly atmosphere is enhanced by the use of the communal lounges and kitchens.

Grandma Offers
  • Single, double, twin and share bedrooms
  • Radios
  • Bedside lamps
  • Fully made beds (except in the share rooms)
  • Friendly pets to keep you company

Single occupancy is available for double and twin rooms.


Tariff With Effect From October 1st 2007 Valid Until May 31st 2008

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Non-Members Members
Single $45.00 per person Single $42.00 per person
Double $30.00 per person Double $27.00 per person
Twin $30.00 per person Twin $27.00 per person
Share bedrooms $25.00 per person Share bedrooms $22.00 per person