Is it Safe To Visit Movie Streaming Sites?

Pirated sites are creating huge mess in the film industry. The films and the entire cast and crew involved in it are getting affected due to pirated sites. The new releases are streaming on the pirated sites within days or even say hours. There are movies and songs which are streaming on these sites even before their release.  These pirated websites are creating huge loss to the film industry and users as well. 123movies is one of the illegal sites which is not safe and secure.

Pirated sites and their effects: The content available in the sites will not be legal and licensed. The quality of the content will be poor and pop up ads will disturb the users in the middle. The users will not be able to enjoy the show or film.  123movies will not host the content as well.  Accessing unlicensed content is illegal.  These pirated sites may try to avoid trouble by not hosting the content on their own. They will just act as the search engines for the streamed contents.

Consequences faced due to pirated sites: The major affect will be fall in the economy due to reduced sales of the movies and music. Pirated sites has been increased in recent days and the visitors to the sites have increased gradually. The users have to face the consequences of visiting the sites. The computers will get infected with viruses. Piracy is causing damage to the film and other industries linked to it. Many people are loosing their livelihood due to piracy.

Measures to be taken: Even though the government is responsible for taking legal actions it purely depends on the individual users to avoid piracy. The users must stop visiting and watching streaming content on the websites. The users must feel responsible. They must see the films only on theaters. Users must stop downloading new movies and pirated music and films from the pirated sites. The users have to take the initiative before the government to prevent piracy. The citizens must feel responsible for the development of the economy.

Legal action: The government has to take severe actions on the piracy users. Strict laws must be enforced to avoid pirated sites. Technology has been developed so well and using technology tools must be invented to avoid piracy. The users caught using pirated sites must be punished severely. The government has to impose huge penalties and imprisonment to the users. The government must be strict and should take strict actions with the pirated sites.

Apart from punishing the pirated sites users the government has to ban the pirated sites which will solve the problem to a major extent. Laws must be enforced strictly while giving license to the websites.

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