Make It Large As The Super Tan Bros Did

Having a guide and mentor is indeed a valuable asset. It does not matter which discipline you are pursuing or which business you want to set up. Now, back to college days, it was always the teachers and professors who would share their invaluable experiences to make you take important and strategic decisions regarding any topic. Super Tan bros are the online mentors for budding entrepreneurs.

Many want to have a guide and mentor who have industry exposure as well. The reason is simple. Practical experience in the field differs vastly from the theoretical knowledge because the knowledge imparted by book is based on the ideal situations where you do not need to take other factors into account. However, in the real world, you will face tremendous competition where every business in a similar industry tries to sway customers towards their business. After all, the consumer set is limited. The management gurus will suggest that there are no rigid rules of acquiring and retaining customers at the same time. But, each facet is different. There are many solutions to a single problem which largely depends on factors like perception, business awareness, and statistical techniques to understand the environment.

Who are the Super Tan Bros?

Well, when it comes to online mentoring, the name of Super Tan Bros has made an impact. The duo comprises of two brothers from Singapore who have made it large after facing many ups and downs in their businesses. They are the talented Steve Tan and Evan Tan.

Steve Tan is a personality that no one can skip. He is a serial entrepreneur and has more than 12 years of e-commerce experience. He is responsible for finding several startups which have made him generate eight figures revenue on an annual basis from his stores. He is young, dynamic and a risk taker. These qualities have made it possible for him to surface as one of the most elite members of management gurus. He and Evan Tan also share their experiences on the public forum and international events.

Why should you take advice from the duo?

They have been into the e-commerce industry for quite a long time and acquired much knowledge and experiences. However, the knowledge is not limited to the specific industry only. If you are a budding entrepreneur and searching for an online mentor, you should definitely visit Super Tan Bros’ Facebook page and follow their YouTube channels for valuable suggestions.

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